Upcoming: March 2017 Meeting

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 4 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

For our March Meeting we will have a few things going on.  At 6pm we will start our meeting and recap the Feb. events, talk about the upcoming Easter event and Mid America Train & Toy Show. We will be putting on a presentation of best practices with purchasing brick from popular third party websites. What to look out for as well as a list of options you may not be to familiar with.

After the presentation we will be separating into two groups.

1 A draft – the drafted Set will be LEGO® Santa Set 40206, this set is currently available at LEGO®.com on sale for $4.99(with a limit of 5). I think Stuart has some available to purchase for $5.00 if you wish to participate in the draft.

2. For people who are not into drafts we will be building another set, this meetings set will be the Cargo Train, we will use this train on future displays and it gives people who don’t usually build trains a great opportunity to have some fun building a set they wouldn’t normally purchase.

Shawn Kelly will be arriving early to start the transition of the 1914 table to add a Carnival on the end, if you have a piece on the display you wish to get back this will be a great opportunity for you, make sure you bring a box and post here if you need to get your item off the display.

We will be putting up the mixer and the ferris wheel we worked on at the last meeting, and some cute little carnival items as well. If you have a carnival game you want to add to be part of our permanent display bring them to the meeting.

After the meeting we will be going to either spin pizza or Grinders for some food and to continue our chats about our mutual love for the hobby.

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