Recap: Maker Faire 2015

The times they are a-changin’.

This post seems to be older than 5 years—a long time on the internet. It might be outdated.

KCBricklab had a Landmark weekend at our third year attending‪#‎MakerFaireKC‬!

Why was this a landmark event?
#1 Our first ever Great Ball Contraption, or GBC.
#2 Our biggest combined layout ever.
#3 The most volunteers at one event at one time.
#4 The first award we have received as a group at an event.

12 fantastic GBC Modules made it to the table and by Sunday afternoon most all was running relatively smooth. Yeah there was some down time and rebuilding that had to be done mid-stride, but this was all apart of the fun and excitement! The train and city display was phenomenal. Gareth and Stuart did a fantastic job of planning and assembling the rail layouts and tables. Nothing but positive and admiring feedback from all who came by and basked in our brick built wonderland of awesome. The crowd, as always, was great and super excited to see what we have ever-so-lovingly created with our cherished Lego bricks. It was very exciting and satisfying to see so many Bricklab “Rats”, *heh, scurrying around, mending, ball wrangling, informing, guarding, building, interacting, teamworking <– is that a word?, networking, idea-ing, learning, sharing, amazing, engineering, designing, redesigning, helping. Fantastic job and superb help from all who attended. Thank you so very much to everyone!

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