Recap: July 2015 Meeting

The times they are a-changin’.

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Greetings fellow KC Brick Lab Members!

We have a very exciting opportunity brought to us from LEGO and the CEE (Community Events & Engagement) Team. LEGO has generously given the CEE Team many copies of kit # 40107 Winter Skating Scene to disperse among Registered LUGs without any cost. The CEE Team is challenging the LUGs to use these kits in a Creative Activity to showcase community involvement within the LUG Network.

We kicked off this event with some activities at the July 11th meeting.
The first activity for the night was actually an impromptu game of Lego Kit Jenga using the kits. This was an absolute blast that ended in crashing towers of awesome. The second event was a speed build of the kit. The 17 participants poised and ready tore into kits with much fervor and nimbleness to find out who was fastest. Ben Bracker and Nathan Schwabe tied for first and each was awarded a copy of kit # 3300020 Holiday 2011 set 1.


The second part of this event is a build activity. We are challenging the group to use the kit in one of 4 categories.

A. MOC using only kit pieces from one kit (do not have to use every kit piece)
B. Seed MOC using noticeable amount of the kit pieces
C. Group build only kit pieces. 1 kit from each group member. (groups are decided by builders) (do not have to use every kit piece)
D. Group Seed build using noticeable amount of the kit pieces


This build event is reserved for registered members of KC Brick Lab. This means you have agreed to and are compliant to the bylaws of Kansas City Brick Lab and are a registered user on If you are not registered on the website, please do so first. Non-Member kit registrations will be removed.

Images of the build or presentation of the build is due by or at the September 13th LUG meeting. Final images of the MOCs must be submitted to the Bricklab’s Flickr: , or the FB photo album here:… Not submitting images or a build will disqualify from the event and may make you ineligible for future KCBricklab events.
(While this is not really a contest, we reserve the right to develop an award system for categories)


25 Copies of the free kit where handed out at the meeting. If you were not at the meeting we have several more that can be reserved via this Google Forms Signup: . You will receive an emailed notification for registering. (The email comes from my personal email “”.) Reserved copies can be picked up at the August 9th LUG meeting or through other arrangements. Online registration ends at 6pm on August 9th. The sign up is limited in number. Anyone who already received their kit will not need to sign up on this form.

Link to final list of registrants:…/13bfLsFmlbMj6z-ouuipU0PWyD1…/edit…

Duplicate entries will be deleted and abuse of this form will disqualify you from receiving a kit and participation in this event and possibly future KCBricklab events. Please note that kits received from KCBricklab via LEGO and the CEE Team cannot be sold. Doing so can prohibit our LUG from receiving further support and may jeopardize opportunities like this globally.

Thank you for your understanding and Awesome Creative Efforts!


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