Review: 75015 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid

75015-01271 pieces ($0.0922 per piece)

3 figures:
Jango Fett
Clone Trooper
Battle Droid

Overall score – 9 out of 10
Difficulty – Moderate. Due to the majority of the construction being done out of Technic pieces, a younger builder may need adult help.

Jango Fett – The best reason to purchase this set. The figure has metallic paint accents on his leg, and is an improvement over the previous 2002 release of the figure that was a part of Slave I set 7153.

Extra Pieces – The package that contains Jango’s antenna contains 3 extras as well as 4 visors that can be used for clone troopers/clone commanders.

Value – Price per piece ratio is under 10 cents. Even if you consider that there are 60 pieces of tread that count towards the total 271, that still leaves over 200 pieces.

Tread – Will not work on hardwood or glass surface, however will work on a table cloth or a surface that isn’t slick.

Clone trooper blaster rifle – Instead of creating a new mold, a Technic attachment was added to a standard blaster rifle.

General Comments
The price point of $20 USD makes this a great value. For one of the most highly sought after

Star Wars character, you can’t go wrong. This set can be built pretty quickly in about 30-60 minutes. As you will see in one of the pictures, it is a smaller tank droid than the original from 2005 in set 7258 Wookiee Attack.

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